Inclusive provision

We pride ourselves on offering an entirely inclusive provision.

This means we recognise that within the broad groups of clients we serve, there are some whose background and current circumstances present real challenges for both them and the programmes engaging with them.

Clients that fall into this bracket may include ex-offenders subject to Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA), alcohol and substance misusers and those with mental or physical disabilities or specific learning challenges.

Enterprise Inclusion Team

Our established Enterprise Inclusion Team is comprised of employees who have highly specialist knowledge, experience and expertise of enterprise development within these client groups.

By having this expertise in-house, we are able to provide clients, who would otherwise not be considering economic activity in any form, let alone enterprise, with first class, best practice support across all our provision.

Our candidates really benefited from the workshops

The two dedicated foundation workshops were delivered by Outset for the C2 (Choices and Consequences) programme. The sessions were run by enthusiastic, knowledgeable trainers who were able to engage the clients well. The sessions delivered relevant information and were well organised. Our candidates really benefited from the information and help given.
Joady Ealham
Choices and Consequences, Offender Management Unit