Project evaluations

We have passed several European audits with flying colours and the quality of our database has been described as “excellent”.

Robust evidence, impartially evaluated

We collect up to 64 data fields on all our clients, using a highly developed evidence database amalgamating both qualitative and quantitative data, praised by the European Commission for its breadth and depth. These can be analysed by any desired profile in a matter of minutes, providing funders with a rich understanding of the client base and project metrics. Our dataset is one of the largest in the UK, and has recently been described as “excellent” by the Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion.

Each Outset project (including expenditure, evidence base, performance and impact) has been scrutinised by external independent evaluators, all of whom have recommended re-commissioning. And as separate rigorous scrutiny by DCLG and local authority co-funders, as well as full European Commission audits have passed with flying colours on all counts.