1:1 Coaching

The passion and dedication our Enterprise Advisors bring to the service is second to none; their commitment to supporting clients in realising their potential and working through their challenges is the heart and soul of the programme.

Many clients require 1:1 coaching, both as they progress through the stages of our programme and once they have launched their business. We believe you cannot build a sustainable, successful business without building the person who is going to lead it – the two must be developed in parallel, and our Enterprise Advisors work hard to support clients with their individual needs.

Some of the clients that benefit most from 1:1 coaching include those from backgrounds of generational unemployment, who often need to overcome substantial personal, social and cultural barriers in order to make progress. Similarly, clients that suffer from additional challenges, such as mental or physical health issues, sometimes need additional learning or support to boost their self-belief and confidence.

1:1 coaching can also serve as a valuable sounding board for clients eager to try out new ideas in a support environment, or ask questions related to a specific business challenge as they finalise their business plan in preparation for applying for finance.

Helping people make the right choices

Helping people make the right choices about their future, and supporting them into self-employment where that is appropriate, is an important task that Outset carry out successfully to the benefit of local people and our economy.
Adrian Sanders, MP