Business start-up

This is the second stage of the Outset programme, designed for people who have completed ‘Introduction to enterprise’ and are certain they want to start a business.

Business start-up is all about giving them skills they need to get there.

Our ‘Business start-up’ stage is the same length and format as Introduction to enterprise (including 8 x 3 hour workshops) and provides a deeper exploration of the ideas that were previously covered, with a more focussed and practical look at key business areas.

To help our business starters make smart decisions, we cover a wide range of topics including: examining enterprise models, market strategy, business planning, timescales and costs, regulatory considerations such as Tax, VAT and NI, identifying competition and segmentation, marketing and sales, suppliers and contracts, focus and playing to strengths, managing cash‐flow, managing pressure, short/long term risk management and effective networking.

People leave with a comprehensive business plan that will serve to underpin their decision-making and potential growth for the future.

There are also further opportunities for post-start support, including help applying for a Start Up Loan through our Outset Finance team or range of other opportunities through our business support programme, including 1:1 coaching.